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Hardex - Valve grinding paste no.1 fine grade

Contains fine grade grit. It is specially designed for valve grinding application on automotive, mar..

RM 11.00

JETSEN - Headlamp Yellowish Polish ( 200 grams )

Steps to use the product1. First clean the headlamp with a nice wet cloth.2. Pour Headlamp Yellowish..

RM 45.00

Jetsen - Heavy Duty Car Polish Long Lasting Shine 500ml

Steps to use the product : -Wash and clean the car-Dry the surface(warm surface preferred)-Sque..

RM 28.00

JETSEN - Topshine 1 - 200ml

JETSEN TOP SHINE ONE-Polish protect and beautify vinfl rubber, plastic,pvc,finished leather,wooden,f..

RM 16.00

JETSEN - Topshine 2 - 500ml - Restore Shine On Dashboard, Tyre, Etc

JETSEN Top Shine 2 -TS2 can be used at any types of leather, dashboard, woodwork, bumper, tyre ..

RM 16.00

Kleenso - Rain Clear Rain Repel 200g

Kleenso Rain Clear (Rain Repel) forms an instant coating on your windshields to repel rain, and dram..

RM 18.00

Kleenso - Rubber Softener Power Window Lubricant

Kleenso Rubber Softener Power Window Lubricant is an excellent, specially formulated product to be u..

RM 18.00

Kleenso - Tropics Car Wash & Sparkling Wax - For Metallic And Solid Paint 1kg

Kleenso Tropics Car Wash & Sparking Wax is a Tropics-car car wash specially formulated to clean..

RM 20.00

M Series - Nano Pure Ice Wax Syntehtic Polish 250ml 8.45oz

This synthetic polish Polish in 10 minutes.Ideal for newly painted work.Product is friendly for..

RM 22.00

M Series - Nano Tech Tar Remover 125ml

Is specially formulated to remove tarTo bring-out the original paint colour, UV stains, leveling pai..

RM 14.00

MADA - Air Chuck - Model HS-4Q

Dual Foot Lock On Air Chuck with length of 7"Straight-on 30 degree reverse angle chuck1/4" NPT femal..

RM 30.00

MADA - Air Chuck - Red Handle

Dual Foot Lock On Air Chuck with Extra Long Length of 9"Straight-on 30 degree reverse angle chuck1/4..

RM 32.00

Waxco - Heavy Duty Car Polish And Wax 500ml

This product is specially developed for restoring old and dull looking non-metallic paintwork to its..

RM 30.00

Waxco - Nanotech Metlallic Color Scratch Remover

Can remove minor scratches.Used as a levelling paintwork.Can double up as tar remover...

RM 19.00